Purchased a Plus 10 yearling? Make sure it is eligible

Any buyer of a yearling with a Plus 10 logo on its pedigree page at DBS Premier or Silver Sales needs only pay the third and final Owner Registration to qualify the horse for the Plus 10 bonus scheme. By paying the Plus 10 Owner Registration at the early bird rate of £300, an owner can return up to 25 times their investment with just the one bonus win.

Yearling buyers are encouraged to take advantage of the early bird rate by registering their yearling by 31 December 2015. Alternately, the Owner Registration can still be paid up until 28 February 2016 at the slightly higher price of £350/€437.50. Please find attached to this edition of the NTFW email a registration form for your benefit.

The owner at the time of a Plus 10 bonus win will receive a bonus of £7,500 on top of race prize money. The remainder of the bonus is paid out 10% each to the payers of the Foal and Yearling Registration and 5% to the trainer, jockey and stable staff.
Once qualified, a Plus 10 horse can win an unlimited number of £10,000/€12,500 bonuses across the following races:
Britain: 2YOs: All Class 2, 3 and 4 Maiden, Novice, Conditions and Class 5 Fillies Only Maiden races. 3YOs: All Class 2, 3 and 4 Maiden, Conditions and Class 5 Fillies’ Only Maiden races (for 3YO only races of this type)
Ireland: 100 bonuses available on all 2YO non-black-type races (includes Open Maiden, Auction Maiden, Median Auction Maiden, Nursery and Winners races) rolled over until all are won. Unclaimed 2YO bonuses are applied to 3YO-only Maidens from the start of the 2017 season, until all are won.