Reminder about runner arrival times at the racecourse

When rules requiring every runner to use a racecourse stable were introduced in 2006, it also became mandatory for horses to arrive at least 45 minutes before its race time to carry out identity, vaccination and health checks. The BHA has told us that some trainers are becoming too lax about observing the arrival deadline and that in future there will be less discretion used enforcing it.

Newmarket trainers who pay the Heath Tax have a special dispensation not to use the racecourse stables at Newmarket Racecourses but to arrive at a dedicated collection area instead. This allows more racecourse stables to be available for horses trained outside the town. Again, some Newmarket trainers have not been adhering strictly to the deadline and this will be monitored more tightly from now. A note from the BHA is attached to this edition of the NTFW email with full details.