BHA – Reforms to Ownership Administration

Over the coming days owners will be receiving letters from the BHA giving details on reforms to simplify and modernise the administration of ownership set to be launched in spring 2017.

The purpose of the letters are to explain what the BHA is doing and to prepare owners for some necessary changes which will enable everyone to benefit from improvements in the ownership administration system. In most cases owners will not need to take action, but we want to make sure everyone understands any changes that might affect them.

The reforms will deliver:

  • A new Racing Admin website for owners to eliminate most paper forms and provide easy access to a wealth of information;
  • The modernisation of registration structures to better reflect the way in which people own horses today and simplify administration;
  • A consolidation of owners’ re-registration costs and a removal of some fees.

More details on the reforms can be found link

We aim to make any changes as smoothly as possible so that everyone can begin to benefit from a more convenient and simple way to handle their ownership administration. If you or your owners have any questions about the changes, please do not hesitate to call 01933 304808 or email