Plans for all-weather bend at Fontwell Park racecourse

Arena Racing Company has today committed to installing a new cambered all-weather bend at Fontwell Park Racecourse.

Plans have been submitted for the installation on the bottom bend; it a flat and wide bend with a reverse camber which is particularly pronounced in the south west corner.  Due to the unique configuration of the track, horses race anti-clockwise around the outside in hurdle races and clockwise around the inside on a split bend in steeplechases. At the height of the summer, both hurdle and steeplechase races are run on a common bend.

The introduction of a cambered all-weather section would provide a consistent surface around the ideal racing line.  Similar projects have previously been undertaken at other racecourses including Kempton Park and Musselburgh.

It is proposed that the installation will take place during Fontwell Park’s summer break between June and August 2017.  The work will take approximately six weeks to complete.  Prior to the installation of the all-weather bend, ongoing work will be carried out with the aid of agronomists, Professional Sports Turf Design (“PSD”), and MK Surveys to ensure an optimum racing surface.