Horse Racing Ireland Equine Flu Vaccination Requirements

From 16th March 2019 it will be a standard requirement that all horses running in Ireland must have been vaccinated on or after 18th January 2019 with a vaccine representing Clade 1. Horses vaccinated with the appropriate vaccination on or after 18th January 2019, will not be required to receive a further emergency booster vaccination.

In accordance with the Rules, horses are not qualified to run if they have received a vaccination within the previous 7 days – 6 clear days must elapse between date of vaccination and date of race (e.g., a horse vaccinated on a Friday can run the following Friday). IHRB Veterinary Officers and Assistants will continue to carry out veterinary inspections with increased scrutiny at entrances to racecourse stables on all horses – Trainers and Handlers are advised that if any horse shows any sign of respiratory disease, they will not be allowed to enter racecourse stables or race.

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