Invitation to GBRI Members Club

The 2017 Great British Racing International (GBRI) Members Club has been launched.

We at GBRI recognise that it is vitally important to reward international owners for choosing Britain and provide them with a world class racing experience. In partnership with the Racecourse Association (RCA), the GBRI Members Club ensures that they have access to bespoke raceday experiences on each visit that they make to a British racecourse with the intention of making them advocates of British racing and encouraging further investment.

GBRI Members Club 2015 Brochure

A statistical analysis of international owners in the Club over the last two years demonstrates that the GBRI Members Club is able to assist in increasing international investment. The study found that between 2016 and 2014, when the Club was first created, 60.42% of members increased their number of HIT in Britain. The number of HIT owned by the members collectively has grown by 29.81% during this period.

We would like to invite all trainers to nominate any international owners who have a permanent residence outside of the UK but own at least one horse in training here.

As always, we at GBRI are here to help trainers with prospective and current international investors and the GBRI Members Club is one such method.

To nominate, or for more information regarding the GBRI Members Club, please contact Bobby Jackson on or 0207 152 0038.