Equine Herpes vaccinations in France

France Galop have provided the International Racing Bureau with some information regarding the Equine Herpes (EHV) vaccination that is now a requirement for all horses to run in France.

The requirement consists of 2 primary vaccinations followed by a booster. A horse is permitted to race after the second primary vaccination.

  • From April 1st 2018, two primary vaccinations must have been completed
  • The second first primary vaccination must be given between 21 and 92 days after the first.
  • The booster can then be done between 150 and 215 days after the 2nd primary vaccination.
  • A horse will not be allowed to race for four days after the 2nd primary vaccination.

Horses will be allowed to run in France up until 1st April 2018 with the current vaccinations requirements.

If you are planning an early campaign for your horses in France in April 2018, you will need to plan the course of vaccinations by the beginning of March.