Mental Health in racing report will help shape NTF services

Yesterday was the start of Mental Health Awareness Week and we were at Windsor Racecourse for an event to publicise the findings of a report commissioned by Racing Welfare about mental health in British horseracing. It can be found here on Racing Welfare’s website.

Over the last twelve months, the NTF has highlighted researcher Will McConn’s interaction with trainers and other groups whose collective efforts make racing happen. Thank you to all the trainers who spoke to Will and took part in forums.

According to the research reported yesterday, 76% of trainers surveyed said that they felt the industry provided inadequate support for their mental health.  We will be using the report’s recommendations, along with those from the Horseracing MBA report on Occupation Stressors for Trainers, to shape future NTF services for our members.

At the same time, we would encourage you to make the most of our existing services, many of which address issues raised in the report. For instance, debt collection and management was a key theme for trainers. Applying the advice available in the Business Section in the members area of the NTF website should avoid many debt problems. These include credit management advice and services, debt recovery through the Legal Expenses Insurance scheme, and Weatherbys Invoice Payment Service. 

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