Race planning forum will enhance communication with the BHA

From Wednesday 1st May a new race planning forum was launched within the Racing Admin site and without need for any additional login.

The aim of this forum is to improve two-way communication between trainers and the Racing Department.  A standing topic in the forum will be dedicated to requests for races but the forum has been specifically designed to allow both parties to add, and comment on, topics of any type.  The forum will be visible to all licensed trainers, members of the BHA Racing Department and the NTF and is intended to provide greater visibility and improved discussion on issues including the fixture list, the race programme and race times.

You’ll find a link to the Race Planning Forum on your Fixtures & Races menu. On opening the forum you will see active topics for discussion and polls, which you can filter by topic area or search for a keyword. Posts will be listed in date order with pinned posts and polls at the top.

More details about using the forum are being sent to trainers by the BHA Racing Department in an email this week.

Transparent entries and declarations jumping trial

At its April meeting, the industry’s Racing Group discussed possible updates to the system of transparent entries and declarations following the trial over the winter on the AWT.

As a result of feedback from the NTF Flat Committee, the next Racing Admin update will see the inclusion of official ratings and ballot marks on declaration screens. The BHA will also look into adding weights at the declarations stage. Navigation will be improved so trainers can see this information through the My Entries section, and not just the specific tracking pages.

There has been feedback from some trainers about the 9.30am deadline (after which entries cannot be removed) making it harder to gauge whether a race will divide. The background to this is that trainers would often declare more than one runner at an early stage to signal intentions to run both if there was a division. The second horse could then be taken out if a division looked less likely approaching 10am. The Racing Group felt the deadline should remain to avoid the risk of gaming the system. We will continue to gather trainer opinions on this through the summer.

Trial during Summer Jumping period

Given the success of the trial on the Flat, the Racing Group agreed to begin a trial of transparent entries and declarations for summer jumping from 1st June to 31st August.