Weatherbys Call Centre emergency back-up

Following the initial announcement that, on 2nd July, important changes are being made to the operation of the Weatherbys Call Centre, the BHA has spoken to a number of trainers directly and has been keen to take feedback. As a result, an emergency back -up will be available.

As previously outlined, from the beginning of July, several functions of the Call Centre are moving entirely online and will only be available through the new Racing Admin system. Most notable of these are:

  • Making entries, confirmations and declarations
  • Scratching a horse or declaring a non-runner
  • Booking a jockey

To ensure you are supported moving online, a dedicated Help Desk, open seven days a week and contactable via 01933 440011, will be established to answer questions about using the Racing Admin system and to guide you through the processes.

In addition, based on feedback the BHA has received over the last fortnight, in the case of an absolute emergency trainers should call the new Help Desk which, at the discretion of the manager, will be able to take an entry/declaration over the phone. This emergency facility will be monitored for the first six months and, if it is being misused, its availability could be put at risk.

Alternatively if you need help making entries or delectations online, videos and guides can be found here or you can email

The BHA is committed to providing you with all the support you require in advance of these changes so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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