Avoiding unrecoverable pension contributions to the Friends Life Scheme

Large, medium and small scale trainers are now having to comply with the legal requirement to provide an Auto Enrolment pension scheme for their employees.

Once you have begun making payments to your new scheme, the requirement to contribute to the NTF Friends Life (“industry”) scheme falls away.  Page 5 of the NTF’s Auto Enrolment Pensions Guide explains how to ensure you do not pay twice – once to your auto enrolment scheme and also to the Friends Life scheme.

On the Stable Employee Register trainers should flag their employees as having “Other Arrangements” in order for no further contributions to be deducted from their Weatherbys account for the Friends Life scheme. There is no facility to do this flag on the online admin system and trainers will need to either ring or email Weatherbys.  At the present time the contact at Weatherbys is Megan Sutton (msutton@weatherbys.co.uk). The NTF will not be able to keep track of contributions wrongly made to the Friends Life scheme after a trainer has auto enrolled.   You should check any quarterly pension information received from Weatherbys to ensure that no contributions are being collected. If they are, contact Weatherbys immediately since once any contributions have been forwarded to Friends Life for processing they cannot be recovered.

You must follow the advice above to ensure you do not make unrecoverable payments.

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